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The iHalt Store


The sale of iHalt's tees, caps, magnets, bumper stickers, window decals, and cups helps provide funding for the Foundation to ensure each youngster participating in the program has a tee shirt.   Visit our Store tab to check out our offerings.

iHalt Annual Fund
Every dollar the iHalt Foundation receives is tax deductible for the donor and helps staff and volunteers spread the iHalt messages of civility, trust, consideration, cooperation, communication, and collaboration.  In our hostile and increasingly violent society, those messages are challenged every day.  Over the past five years, we have seen a horrifying increase in violence against law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and even EMTs.   iHalt engages youngsters, the first responders who serve them, and their communities at large in an effort to humanize the badge and to help first responders learn a bit more about the changing and diverse people they serve.  It's not easy, but it's certainly worth the effort. 
iHalt uses the monies we receive to not only pay the rent and keep the lights on, but also to:
  • Help fund budget-wise travel for iHalt trainers to the cities, towns, and communities where the iHalt program is needed most; 
  • Train first responder community coordinators and after school program partners on how to implement and conduct the interactive iHalt curriculum, Stepping Stones to Civility; 
  • Purchase iHalt participant tees for each youngster and partner involved in the initiative, as well as iHalt caps for first responders; and, 
  • Provide funding support for curriculum-based special event supplies and materials. 
Your generous gift will help advance and sustain the iHalt Foundation Movement.  Please send a gift of your financial capacity today at the address noted to the right. 

Judy Williams



867-B Middlebrook Ave.

Staunton, VA  24401

540.487.5314  Ext. 5

540.885.7384 Fax

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