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Humanizing the Badge 
Recently, a story came to iHalt of a child's chance encounter with a police officer that helped us realize how hostility and distrust of police and authority can originate. 
When Officer CJ Moreno (fictitious name) and two of his fellow officers joined fire fighters and EMTs in a local third grade classroom for 30 minutes of positive interaction with the kiddos, he was fully prepared to answer the typical questions he always gets during such visits... "will you show us your gun?... have you ever shot anyone?... have you ever been shot?... are you ever scared when you chase a bad guy?" 
One little boy, however, had a different thought on his mind.  His stare was focused solely on Officer Morena, glaring at him, actually.  When that little boy finally spoke, Officer Moreno felt drilled to the core.  The child spoke directly and flatly to him, stating, "I know you.  You came to our house and arrested my daddy at my sixth birthday party." 
Left unaddressed, that child's bitter memories, fears, and hostility are prone to grow and lead to harmful - even deadly - future encounters with anyone wearing a badge or uniform. 
That's where iHalt comes in. 
Humanizing the badge is the crux of our fun-filled, interactive curriculum that brings first responders and youth together in safe, non-threatening settings.  There, kids in grades K-12 learn that police and other first responders are people, too, with families, pets, homes, favorite foods, sports teams, and hobbies.  Simultaneously, the first responders learn more about the children and older youth they serve and gain a better understanding of their motivations, fears, and interpretations of life events.  
iHalt invites first responder agencies across the nation to join us in our effort to humanize the badge, heal communities, and save lives. 

In communities where positive relationships between first responders and youth are being pursued, trust is on the grow.  

Officers across America are engaging in creative interactions with youth in their communities to dispel negative impressions and allay kids' fear of  authority figures. 

First Responders Stand as Key Link 


iHalt relies on first responders  across America to establish partnerships for the initiative with their communities' after school programs.  The Foundation provides the curriculum training for participating first responders and after school program staff, as well as program implementation and special event guidance and assistance. 

Let us help you bring iHalt to your community!  

Contact us for more details at 

540.487.5314   Ext. 5

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