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President's Welcome

Thank you for taking a few moments to stop by and learn about iHalt. 


I trust that as you have clicked through our pages, you have come to realize that we are committed to helping improve America's communities by improving the relationships and trust factors established between the people in those communities and the first responders who serve them - primarily the officers. 


Recently, a firefighter told me, "Everybody loves a fireman, but nobody loves a cop.  Because of that truism, local fire departments and EMTs need to do everything in our power to help support our officers any way we can and help our community members get to know them and understand that they are neighbors and local people, too, with families, and pets, and hobbies and dreams"  


We live in troubling times of rapid change.  But, we also live in the most exciting time in history.  For society to have made it this far and accomplished this much, I am heartened and encouraged to realize that as a people, we have what it takes within us to turn negatives to positives in our cities and townships.  Through our fun and engaging curriculum that is filled with positive interaction that builds understanding and trust, kids and first responders interact with each other in an altogether different way, and the roadblocks to communication are beginning to erode.  Let's keep the momentum going!


Judy Williams

President & CEO

Our Purpose

The purpose of the iHalt™ Movement, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is to help humanize the badge in an effort to restore civility to America, foster broader understanding of the cultures, values, and world views that comprise America, and save lives in the long run.  

Our History

iHalt was founded in the spring of 2015 in response to civil unrest, rioting, and the lives of police officers and citizens being violently ended across the country.  Founder Judy Williams established the initiative in response to her husband Jim's urging to combine his idea for iHalt with her years of experience as an educator and corporate executive and provide a way for youth and first responders to begin the healing that America so desperately needs. 

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